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   Services & Activities

PPIC is a consultancy company set up by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience  and  the international development, private and public sectors. The company brings together expertise from social sciences, public health, urban planning, engineering and environmental management and resettlement. Prior to being formally registered as a company in July 2009. Since then, it has entered into various contracts, subcontracts and association with national and international organizations, private entities for several projects.

Resently, PPIC had been registered as company for providing consultancy services on Environmental Impact Assessment at Ministry of Environment, Cambodia. Since July 18, 2014, the Ministry of Environmental permitted the license certification for PPIC in order to assist investment firms to prepare and get license of conduct business in the amount various projects located in Cambodia. 

At present we have:

  • A core team of professionals from varied backgrounds;
  • Competency in providing high quality services in participatory field work and data collection for media research, public health, resettlement, socioeconomic, housing,
  • Environmental and infrastructure assessments, planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation;
  • A strong team for data entry and management
  • Strong development research experiences on various international projects with international clients such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, as well as the private sector;
  • A network of international consultants and advisors;
  • An excellent resource facility for focus group discussions, training and working stations.

Since 2009, PPIC has been committed to working for an environmentally friendly business operation by respecting professional ethics and providing quality services that help in the growth and development of Cambodia. The Company aims to be the premier organization providing quality consulting services to the public and private sectors.

PPIC offers the following research and professional development consultancy services:

Engineering and Consulting

  • Topography survey road, land
  • Feasibility study of road and bridge design
  • Detailing design infrastructure and structure for construction
  • Construction management
  • Supervision for construction
  • Road maintenance management training
  • Rural development.
  • Water sanitation and water management

Social, Opinion and Marketing Research

  • Research proposal development
  • Research design
  • Questionnaire development
  • Sampling design
  • Research training
  • Quantitative and qualitative Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis and Presentations


 .   Primary study on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

-       Primary study

-       Social Economic Survey

-       Studying on water resource

-       Land studying

-       GIS, Mapping

-       Air studying

-       Infrastructure


        .    Soil Management

-       Sustainable soil management

-       Studying on changing soil

-       Soil category by satellite use

-       Social survey for soil use

-       Analysis soil images from satellite

-       Soil Management Plan


        .   Study on Evaluation for Environmental Resources

-       Environmental Impact Assessment study

-       Vulnerable for Environment Impact Analysis

-       Environmental Management, Supervision and Evaluation

              -    Social Economic survey

              -    Gender studying and planning

              -    Public Consultation

              -    Community Development Planning              

              -    Community Development Planning for Ethic Group

              -    Studying on traditional and culture


        .    Water Resource Management

-       Studying on water resource and meteorology

-       Water Quality

              -    Management Plan for surface water

              -    Management Plan for sea resource


        .    Mine and Energy

 Approaches to Consulting Business and Our Values
The following is our approach to consulting business and our values:

  • Ethical value: We respect business and research ethics by not providing services that would be harmful to the society, environment and communities.
  • Services of highest quality and affordable cost: We are responsible to our clients, either private or public agencies, in providing the best quality of services/research with an affordable cost.   
  • Local capacity building: We invest in employee and intern capacity building through research and planning into the development sector through on the job training. We commit to ensure that our staff grows along with the growth of the Firm. Particularly, we always provide opportunity to young professional to have exposed to real world.
  • Teamwork: We commit to teamwork. We respect and seriously consider our partners’ suggestions and staff’s initiatives in improving service quality and promoting the development and growth of the Firm. All staff is engaged in decision making.
  • Long term growth: We reinvest for the continuous development and growth of the Firm.


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